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Smoked Alaska Salmon
Wild Alaska Smoked Fish

Smoked king, sockeye and coho salmon, plus jerky and lox smoked the old fashion way, using Alaska alder wood.

Giftbox Honey Smoked Sockeye
4 lb. Giftbox Honey Smoked Coho (Silver) Salmon
Delicious, mouth-watering wild Alaska Coho Salmon fillets. Slow smoked over local alder wood, then glazed with our local Fireweed honey and spices.

FREE shipping included.

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Honey Smoked Salmon Belly Strips
We're Famous For Our Honey Smoked Salmon Belly Strips!

Glazed with Alaskan Fireweed Honey. Smoked to perfection. Three varieties... all wild, all Alaska.

Compare three varieties.
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Salmon Jerky
Wild Alaska Salmon Jerky

Made from the prime fillet of wild Alaska salmon, sliced thin and tlightly smoked. Half-pound and 2-ounce packs. Peppered or honey-smoked flavors.

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King Salmon Collars
Honey Smoked King Salmon Collars

Salmon Collars are the area next to the salmon head, and exceptionally tasty. Collars have been a long-kept secret by commercial fisherman, and we are one of the only purveyors of this special gourmet product. All-natural, no chemicals, nitrates or preservatives.

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Cold Smoked Salmon (Lox)
Cold Smoked Salmon (Lox)

Hand filleted cuts are brined, cured and then cold smoked giving it a unique texture and sensational flavor. Available in three varieties: sockeye, red king and white king salmon.

Available in three varieties.
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Lox 'Tid Bits'
Lox 'Tid Bits'

We usually save this tasty 'tid bits" for ourselves, but are offering them for a limited time for you to enjoy. Thinly sliced and ready-to-eat.

$19.95/ half-pound
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Smoked Whole Side Fillets
Whole Smoked Salmon Side Fillets
Whole Smoked Salmon Side Fillets

SAVE $20. A whole side of wild Salmon with a clean, rich flavor and a fantastic smoky finish. An Alaskan work of art, at a special introductory price.

Fillets are available in coho and king salmon varieties.

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Smoked Salmon Fillets
Smoked Kalgin Island King Salmon Fillets
Smoked Kalgin Island King Salmon Fillets

Caught in the northern reaches of pristine Cook Inlet's cold, clear waters. With great taste and a healthy Omega-3 oil content that's incredibly high, these wild Kings are a wild gourmet prize.

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Smoked Alaska White King Salmon
Smoked Alaska White King Salmon

Moist, buttery,and slightly smokey, our White King fillets are identical to red king salmon in appearance, except the flesh is pearly white and softer.

Fillets are available in traditional-smoked and honey-smoked varieties.

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Smoked Red Sockeye Salmon Fillets
Smoked Red Sockeye Salmon Fillets

The Alaskan sockeye is delectable smoked. Unique flavor and bright red, extra firm texture.

Available in traditional smoked, cajun pepper, garlic pepper, and honey smoked varieties.

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Smoked Alaska Coho (Silver) Salmon
Smoked Alaska Coho (Silver) Salmon Fillets

Caught in the pristine waters of Cook Inlet, these 100% wild, pure salmon have a bright orange flesh and firm texture. We gently alder-smoke them to perfection.

Available in traditional smoked, cajun pepper, garlic pepper, and honey smoked varieties.

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More Smoked Seafood
Smoked Sablefish
Smoked Black Cod (Sable Fish)

Flavor that melts in your mouth. Its velvety, rich flavor and delicate texture recalls its other name - Butterfish.

Available as both Alder-smoked fillets and strips.

  • Out of Stock
    Smoked fillets $39.95/lb
  • Smoked Strips $19.95/lb
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Smoked fillets $39.95/lb
Out of Stock
Smoked Strips $19.95/lb
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Smoked Scallops
Smoked Scallops

Moist, sweet, plump cherrywood smoked Scallops are fully cooked and ready to eat directly out of the packaging.

35-45 Scallops per package.
2 packages per pound.

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