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Colossal Spot Prawns

Favored by local Alaskans for their wonderful flavor, size and creamy texture.

Colossal Spot Prawns  
  • ***2 lb. Ocean Run Box***
    Contains mixture of sizes. Could range from U12 to 21/30Ct. .
    $64.95/2 lbs
    Product ref #411-S-U
  • Best Buy
    10 lbs. Ocean Run Box
    Contains mixture of sizes. Could range from U12 to 21/30Ct. .
    $299.50 Product ref #411-B-B
  • Spot Prawns (by the pound)
    size: U15;
Colossal Spot Prawns

Direct from the pure, icy cold waters of the Gulf of Alaska. We catch these wonderful shrimp in small pots in deep water during the cold of winter. These are the cleanest, purest shrimp in the world - no back vein to remove.

Colossal Spot Prawns carry eggs, which are considered a delicacy - enjoy them or you can just rinse them off.

To thaw: just place them in your refrigerator overnight or run under cold water. To cook: place them in a pot of gently boiling water, after one minute remove from heat and let soak for 10 minutes. Enjoy the best treat Alaska has to offer.

These are rare and seasonal... you won't see them in stores.

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