Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the fish portions?
Depends on the size and species of fish. Please see specific products for availabilty.
Are the sweet pink shrimp cooked?
No, they are raw and need to be cooked.
How do I reach free shipping?
You need at least 8lbs, a bulk buy or an email special to reach free shipping. Sign up for our email specials to get free shipping deals!
If products are thaw on arrival is it still okay?
As long it is cool to the touch it is perfectly okay to be eaten or refrozen without compromising the quality of the product.
Is our salmon wild caught?
Yes, all of our Alaskan products are 100% wild caught.
How are the fillets packaged?
Each fillet is individually vacuum sealed in portion sizes.
Do you accept EBT?
We do not accept EBT cards.
Is it overnight shipping?
Delivery is 1-2 transit days, even though we pay for priority overnight service. Fedex does not guarantee overnight delivery or a delivery time.
What does the insurance cover? Do I need it?
We highly recommend it. If your package arrives spoiled due to a delay, we will reship the package to you at no additional cost. If you choose to decline the insurance, at minimum you will be responsible for the shipping charges which is a minimum of $75.
Do you see a lot of delays?
We have seen enough delays that we have decided to implement the insurance option. We see delays everyday.
Is any of your seafood farm raised?
The only seafood item we carry that is farm raised are the Mega Prawns®.

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