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Alaska Shellfish
Wild Alaska Shellfish

Plump, wild, sweet shrimp, prawns, scallops and clams from the icy waters of Alaska.

Our Shellfish selections change with the fishing seasons so be sure to check often for your favorite choice.

Open Monday-Friday 5am - 6pm Pacific Standard Time • Saturday 6am - 6pm; Sunday 6am - 6pm
Call Us at 866-262-8846
Shellfish Special Offers
Spot Prawns Special Offer
Wild Black Tiger Prawns Special. Save $70!

Save on 10 pounds of 4-6 count Wild Black Tiger Prawns! ( 4-6 count means there are 4-6 Prawns per pound - which means these are Very Large Prawns). Big, firm, meaty - wild caught & delicious. Packed in #1 lb. Bags.
Includes FREE shipping.

$369.50/10 lbs.  
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Wild Shrimp Trio Special Offer
Wild Shrimp Trio Special Offer

Save on nine pounds of Gourmet Wild Shrimp & Prawns. Includes FREE FedEx shipping.

$219.95/9 lbs.
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Sweet Shrimp Special
Sweet Shrimp Special
Sweet Shrimp Special Offer, Save $60

Save on 10 lbs.10 lbs of Big, Delicate and Super Sweet Shrimp. 16 - 20 to the pound. Deveined only

FREE Fed-Ex shipping. Packed in 1 lb. bags.

$199.95/10 lbs.
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Shrimp & Prawns by the pound
Petite Halibut Fillets
Sweet Pink Shrimp
Wild Sweet Pink Shrimp (by the pound)

Cold Water Super Sweet Pink Shrimp. Delicate and sweet.

A variety of sizes are available. Individually flash frozen and packed in one pound bags. Not pre-cooked.  read more

  • Best Buy
    10lb. Box 16 - 20 per lb. (Un-cooked)
  • 16 - 20 per lb., Deveined only
  • 8 - 12 per lb., Peeled and Deveined
    Product ref # 413-S-U
Wild GULF Shrimp
Wild Gulf Shrimp

From the nutrient-rich, clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Delicious mild flavor and extremely firm.

Individually flash frozen and in one pound packages. Not pre-cooked, shell off and deveined.  read more

  • 13-15 /lb. Peeled & Deveined
  • 5-8 /lb. Shell-on and vein-in
    $38.95/lb Product ref # 990011-S-U
Coconut Shrimp
Hand-Breaded Coconut Shrimp

A perfect "Cook It Frozen" item to have in your freezer, can be prepared as an appetizer or entree in just minutes. Each giant size wild shrimp is butterflied, then hand breaded with coconut.

Sold in 3 lb boxes. 13-15 shrimp per lb. read more

  • Best Buy
    12 lbs. (4 boxes) 13-15 ct
    $219.95 Product ref # 4001
  • Coconut Shrimp
    3 lb. box
    $59.95/lb. Product ref # 4000
Wild Black Tiger Prawns
Wild Black Tiger Prawns
Wild Black Tiger Prawns

If you like big, big prawns... look no further.

Packed in 1 lb. bags. Not pre-cooked. read more

Spot Prawns

Succulent sweet meat separates these Alaskan beauties from all others. These are the cleanest, purest shrimp in the world - no back vein to remove. Not pre-cooked.

***2.2 lbs. Ocean Run Box will contain mixture of sizes. Could range from U12 to 21/30Ct. Each box will be a MIXTURE of sizes.***   read more
King Prawns
Fresh Water Mega Prawns
Fresh Water Mega Prawns®

You will be impressed with the firmness and flavor of these mega beauties! They come with shell on and vein removed for your convenience. **The 10 pound bulk box are packaged in 2# bags**

3-6 prawns per pound.  read more

Weathervane Scallops
Weathervane Scallops
Weathervane Scallops

From Kamishak Bay, in our backyard. Succulent in sweetness and unforgettable melt-in-your-mouth flavor, the tender buttery morsel will make any dish elegant and unique. LIMITED SUPPLY. 100% Pure Wild Alaska Seafood. read more

Super Colossal Sea Scallops
Super Colossal Sea Scallops
100% Wild Sea Scallops

Our "Dry Boat" Sea Scallops are 100% Dry and have no chemicals or moisture added. Available in two sizes. Fast-frozen, comes in 1 lb. more

  • 100% Dry, 10-20 ct.
    $29.95/lb Product ref # 20001
  • 100% Dry, 8-12 ct.
    $33.95/lb Product ref # 2000
  • Best Buy
    10 lb. box, 8-12 ct.
    Product ref # 2007
Smoked Scallops
Smoked Scallops
Smoked Scallops

75-85 Scallops per package. 2 packages per pound. Fully cooked. read more

Razor Clam Steaks
Razor Clam Steaks
Razor Clam Steaks

Fat, sweet and succulent. Great for frying or sauteing.

One-pound packs, un-cooked. read more

Calamari Steaks
Calamari Steaks
Calamari Steaks

Harvested in the warm southern Pacific Ocean. Mildly sweet, with a subtle ocean-like flavor. Un-cooked.   read more

Abalone Steaks
Abalone Steaks
Wild Pacific Abalone Steaks

Wild Pacific Green -Lip Abalone is Harvested in North America. Un-cooked, tenderized and ready to thaw and prepare. Steaks are 3 ounces each.  read more

  • Abalone Steaks
  • Best Buy
    3 lbs
Shellfish Gift Packs
Wild Alaska Giant King Crab
Ultimate Trio: The most impressive trio of Wild Alaskan shellfish absolutely anywhere!

Three lbs. each of Super Colossal Sea Scallops, Super Colossal Prawns and Colossal Red King Crab Legs & Claws

FREE overnight shipping.

Product ref # 883398
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