The Sustainability of Fisheries

The State Of Alaska & The Marine Stewardship Council Certifies The Sustainability Of Fisheries

At we make every effort to only sell wild fish and wild seafood products harvested in a sustainable manner. As pressure mounts on global fisheries, it is in a consumer's best interest to know the sustainability of the seafood sold on the internet.

We work hard to verify that the seafood we deliver to households across the U.S is certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). The MSC has established fisheries guidelines that are consistent with those put in place by the United Nations.

The MSC is an International non-profit organization that was set up in 1997 to find solutions to overfishing. Today the MSC is recognized as the only environmental certification and eco-labeling program for internationally harvested wild fisheries.

As a result, our customers can be assured that most, if not all, of the seafood we sell are products of fisheries that are certified sustainable, either by the State of Alaska and/or the MSC.

Sustainability in Alaskan Waters

The following is reproduced from the Sustainability section of the website for the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute:

Wild, Natural & Sustainable. From the Beginning.
  • Sustainability: Means fisheries can exist long-term without compromising the surrounding ecosystem
  • All Alaska seafood is wild and sustainable, and it is managed for protection against overfishing, habitat damage, and pollution
  • Alaska is dedicated to preserving and protecting this superior seafood for future generations
  • Since 1959, the Alaska Constitution has mandated that "fish... be utilized, developed and maintained on the sustained yield principle"
  • Every aspect of Alaska's fisheries has been strictly regulated, closely monitored and rigidly enforced for nearly five decades
  • Alaska sets the standard for precautionary resource management
  • Alaska's successful management practices are considered a model of sustainability for the entire world
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