Fresh Alaska Halibut
Fresh Alaska Halibut

Halibut, captured from the deep cold waters of Cape Spencer, Alaska, hand-filleted, with quick delivery to your door!

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seasoning  Make our Wild Alaska Halibut even Better
with Blackened Halibut Seasoning


9 lbs of Wild
Alaska Halibut!
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This is our "Just For The Halibut" special offer.

Enjoy Halibut in our three chef-cuts: Fillets, in approximate 1 lb. packages, with skin-on and bones removed; Premium Loin Steaks, cut from the smallest, tenderest fish, and about 1.5 inches thick; and Gourmet Cheeks, a special Alaska treat from the sweetest part of the halibut.

This Wild Alaska Gift Selection includes: Alaska Halibut
  • 3 lbs. of Fillets
  • 3 lbs. of Steaks
  • 3 lbs. of Halibut Cheeks
$245.55 Includes
Halibut Fillets
We hand cut these fish into beautiful Halibut fillets.
Naturally lean, with a mild sweet flavor, these fillets come from fish caught deep in our cold Alaska waters. Famous for its firm, flaky texture, and wonderful in almost any way you choose to cook --on the grill, baked or broiled! Packed in approximately one-pound packages.
halibut Fillets
Order our Halibut Fillets
  • Fresh flash frozen, vacuum packed
Boneless, Skin-On
Halibut Fillets
$29.95 lb.
Halibut FilletsPETITE Halibut Fillets
These Boneless & Skinless portions run 5-7 ounces, and are the perfect serving size. These Petite fillets are cut from the smallest fish in the catch, and we remove the skin for extra convenience and value. Each portion comes individually vacuum sealed to lock in the freshness and flavor.
Order our Petite Halibut Fillets
  • Fresh flash frozen, vacuum packed
Boneless & Skinless
Petite Alaska Halibut Fillets
$31.95 lb.

Also available, SAVE $40!
8 lb. Box Boneless & Skinless
Petite Alaska Halibut Fillets

Blackened Halibut SeasoningBlackened Halibut Seasoning
Blackened fish became the craze in the 1980's and this rub was developed especially for Alaskan Halibut. Of course, this seasoning is great for blackened grilling other light fish too!

Blackened Halibut Seasoning

Halibut Roasts
These roasts are cut from the tail section and weigh about 1 1/2 pounds each. These are ideal for seafood chowders , stews and soups and also are a cost effective meal - just season and bake.
Order our Halibut Roasts
  • Fresh flash frozen, vacuum packed
Tail section, about 1.5 lbs.
Halibut Roasts
$19.95 ea.
newHalibut Burger
Order our Halibut Burger
  • Fresh flash frozen, vacuum packed
Halibut Burger $23.95 lb.

Get The Grill Out!
Premium Loin Halibut Steaks
Hand cut and vacuum sealed
We take the smallest, tenderest Halibut, and cut 1 1/2 inch loin steaks. These are steaks perfect for grilling or the bar-be-que! Packed about one pound per package.
Alaska Halibut is a natural choice for healthy eating! High in nutrients, low in overall calories, fat and sodium, with zero carbohydrates.
Halibut Steaks
Order our Halibut Steaks
  • Fresh flash frozen, vacuum packed
Premium Loin
Halibut Steaks
$26.95 lb.


Alaskan Gourmet Halibut Cheeks

A special Alaska Treat!
From the sweetest part of the halibut, the cheek! Packaged in 1 lb. vacuum-sealed packages. These cheeks are skinless, boneless delicacies. Each tasty morsel is larger than a scallop.
Order our Halibut Cheeks
  • Fresh flash frozen, vacuum packed
Wild Alaska
Halibut Cheeks
$35.95 lb.
Halibut Cheeks
If you like Halibut Cheeks...
you will want to order a few pounds of our new gourmet treat,
Chilean Seabass Cheeks
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