Alaska Shellfish
Wild Alaska Shellfish

Plump, sweet shrimp, prawns, scallops and clams!

Our Shellfish selections change with the fishing seasons so be sure to check often for your favorite choice.


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Wild Shrimp Trio
Nine pounds of Gourmet Shrimp!
Our Wild Jumbo Shrimp & Sweet Pink Shrimp
  • 3 lbs of Jumbo Shrimp
  • 3 lbs of 16-20 ct. Sweet Pink Shrimp (deveined)
  • 3 lbs of U15 Sweet Pink Shrimp (Peeled and
Over $50

Black Tiger Prawns
Wild Black
Tiger Prawns
If you like big, big prawns... look no further. These Succulent, Wild Black Tiger Prawns are full of flavor. Low in calories and fat; thay make a healthy appetizer or main course.

Packed in 1 lb. bags.
Order our Wild Black Tiger Prawns
  • Fresh flash frozen, un-cooked
(2 - 4 per pound, shell-on, vein-in)
Mega Black Tiger Prawns $35.95 lb.
Sorry, Temporarily
Out of Stock
(6 - 8 per pound, shell-on, vein-in)
Super Colossal Black Tiger Prawns $29.95 lb.
(8 - 12 per pound, shell-on, vein-in)
Colossal Black Tiger Prawns $24.95 lb.

Wild Sweet Pink Shrimp!

Cold Water Super Sweet Pink Shrimp

A variety of sizes available for any need or craving you may have. Wild from the South Pacific waters, these Pink Shrimp are delicate, sweet and a favorite for the most finicky shrimp lover. All Shrimp are individually flash frozen and in one pound packages for your convenience.

8 - 12 count
Peeled & Deveined
$31.95 lb.
12 - 15 count
Peeled & Deveined
$29.95 lb.
16 - 20 count
Deveined only
$25.95 lb.
21 - 25 count
Deveined only
$23.95 lb.

Wild White Shrimp!
Colossal Shrimp

Caught in the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean, our selections are ideal for impressive Shrimp Cocktails, Barbequing, Shrimp Seafood Boil, Sauté, or as a main course! Delicious mild flavor and extremely firm, don't pass up a chance to taste these beauties. All Shrimp are individually flash frozen and in one pound packages for your convenience.

Giant Shrimp
Colossal Shrimp
  • Fresh flash frozen, un-cooked, Vein-In and Shell On
8 - 10 per pound $26.95 lb.
Giant Shrimp
Giant Shrimp
  • Fresh flash frozen, un-cooked, Vein-In and Shell On
16 - 20 per pound $22.95 lb.
 Jumbo Shrimp
Jumbo Shrimp
  • Fresh flash frozen, un-cooked, Vein-In and Shell On
21 - 25 per pound $21.95 lb.
  Extra Large Shrimp
Extra Large Shrimp
  • Fresh flash frozen, un-cooked, Vein-In and Shell On
26 - 30 per pound $19.95 lb.
Look at what our customers have to say about these shrimp!

"I made your recipe "Shrimp Lemon Pasta Alfonso" for Monday's dinner. It turned out wonderful. My wife said I now have a new title: "Household Chef"!! Thanks for a terrific recipe and great, great seafood.

Your products are as advertised and unsurpassed. We had Colossal King Crab legs Friday. Cannot tell you how terrific they were....
Joe & Marlene P
Escondido, CA

Spot Prawns Rare and Impressive
100% Wild & Delicious.
Spot Prawns
Direct from the pure, icy cold waters of the Gulf of Alaska. Favored by local Alaskans for their wonderful flavor , size and creamy texture. We catch these wonderful shrimp in small pots in deep water during the cold of winter. Colossal Spot Prawns carry eggs, which are considered a delicacy - enjoy them or you can just rinse them off.

These are the cleanest, purest shrimp in the world - no back vein to remove. To thaw just place them in your refrigerator overnight or run under cold water. To cook place them in a pot of gently boiling water, after one minute remove from heat and let soak for 10 minutes. Enjoy the best treat Alaska has to offer. The sweetest prawns on the planet.

Succulent sweet meat separates these Alaskan beauties from all others. 100% Wild & Delicious.
Order our Colossal Spot Prawns
  • Fresh flash frozen, un-cooked
16-20 per pound (1 lb. bag)
Colossal Spot Prawns
$31.95 lb.

weathervane scallopsFrom Kamishak Bay, in our backyard!
Weathervane Scallops

Alaska Weathervane Scallops are world renowned as the best and most delicious scallop available on the market! Succulent in sweetness and unforgettable melt-in-your-mouth flavor, the tender buttery morsel will make any dish elegant and unique. Sauté and add to your favorite pasta dish, broil or grill to make an impressive appetizer or scrumptious main entrée! 100% pure, natural, and always free of artificial treatments or additives.

10 to 20 per pound. LIMITED SUPPLY. 100% Pure Wild Alaska Seafood.
Order our Weathervane Scallops
  • Fresh flash frozen, un-cooked
10-20 count
Weathervane Scallops
$31.95 1 lb. bag
Sorry, Temporarily
Out of Stock
Colossal Sea Scallops
Super Colossal
Sea Scallops

You won't find these in your neighborhood supermarket!! The very largest scallops available, only 8 to 12 per pound!

"Dry Boat" Sea Scallops have no moisture added, they are 100% dry. Our Premium Select Wild Ocean Wet Scallops are 95% Dry, which means less than 5% moisture has been added to these scallops.

Order our Super Colossal Scallops
  • Fresh flash frozen, un-cooked
8 - 12 per pound, no moisture added
SUPER Colossal
Dry Boat Sea Scallops
$29.95 lb.
Sorry, Temporarily
Out of Stock
8 - 12 per pound, 95% Dry
SUPER Colossal
Wild Ocean Scallops
$28.95 lb.
Nutritional information source: Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute
Serving Size
3.5 oz.
Calories Protein (g) Fat (g) Saturated Fat (g) Sodium (mg) Cholesterol (mg)
Scallops 87 16.2 .8 0.1 .87 36

smoked scallopsSmoked ScallopsNew

Moist, sweet, plump cherrywood smoked Scallops are fully cooked and ready to eat directly out of the packaging. Serve with toothpicks or add to any salad for an elegant, simple appetizer.

25-30 Scallops per package/2 packages per pound

Order our Smoked Scallops
Smoked Scallops $29.95 lb.
alaska razor clamsRazor Clam Steaks

Fat, sweet and succulent. Great for frying or sauteing. These are gourmet razor clams, vacuum-packed in 1 pound packs, un-cooked.

Order our Razor Clam Steaks
1 pound pack
Razor Clam Steaks
$21.95 lb.

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Great Alaska Seafood


Alaska Seafood and salmon

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Susitna Cocktail Sauce
Susitna Cocktail Sauce
A delicious and tangy condiment for shrimp, crab, scallops, calamari; almost any seafood appetizer or entree.
11 ounce bottle
Susitna Cocktail Sauce


Crazy Jerry's
Cheap Sack Gumbo Mix
Gumbo Mix
A delicious blend of ingredients; super easy to prepare. Goes great with all seafood and shellfish. Not too hot for those with delicate tastebuds! Serve over rice and enjoy! One bag makes 6 - 8 servings.
Crazy Jerry's
Cheap Sack Gumbo Mix
Coconut Gourmet Batter
Crab Cakes
Made right here in Alaska. Simple to prepare crispy coconut delicacies right in your own kitchen. For salmon, halibut, rockfish, lingcod, shrimp and prawns!! Each package coats about 5 pounds of seafood.
10 oz. pkg.
Coconut Gourmet Batter
10 oz. pkg. (No coconut)
Original Flavor