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Fresh Wild Alaska Salmon

Salmon caught in our wild Alaska bays and rivers, hand-filleted, and vacuum packed for delivery to your door!

Our Salmon selections change with the fishing seasons so be sure to check often for your favorite choice.
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Wild Salmon Trio
Kalgin Island King Salmon, Wild Sockeye Salmon & Wild Silver Salmon

Save $25
Reg $205.95
Kalgin Island King Salmon, Sockeye Salmon and Silver Salmon
Sample three different flavors of Alaska Wild Salmon!

Try each of these Premium #1 Quality filet selections and experience a gourmet trip through wild Alaska! Hand cut 8-12 ounce portions, vacuum sealed and delivered to your door via FedEx Overnight Priority Service. The shipping is included in our price!

Each Salmon Trio includes 3 lbs. of Kalgin Island King Salmon, 3 lbs. of Wild Sockeye Salmon, and 3 lbs. of Wild Silver Salmon. That's 9 lbs. total of Great Alaska Seafood!

Makes a unique and delicious gift for special occasions!

Order this Special King Salmon Trio
  • Fresh flash frozen, vacuum packed
9 lb. box
Wild Salmon Trio
$179.95 box
Copper River King Salmon

Just in! A rare treat for a limited time-
We have just received our first catch of this year's Copper River King Salmon. With one of the highest levels of heart-health Omega-3 oils, this rich, flavorful King Salmon is a special offering for your table. Supplies are limited, so get yours today!

Hand filleted, and vacuum sealed in approximately one-pound packages.
Copper River King Salmon

Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve. The Chugach, Wrangell, and Saint Elias ranges converge here in what is often referred to as the "mountain kingdom of North America." This is Copper River Country
Order your Copper River King Salmon
  • Fresh flash frozen, vacuum packed
Copper River Alaska
King Salmon Fillets
$37.95 lb.
NEW! Another rare catch from Copper River...
Sockeye Salmon Fillets.
Copper River
Sockeye Salmon Fillets
$2395 lb.
Rare Kalgin Island King Salmon
King Salmon FilletHand filleted and vacuum sealed
Each spring -for a limited time- schools of mint-bright King Salmon arrive in the cold, clear waters off Kalgin Island. With a flavor second to none, and a healthy Omega 3 oil content that's incredibly high, these wild Alaska Kings are a rare gourmet prize.

Our King Salmon is 100% WILD, which is even better than Organic!!
Citrus Broiled King Salmon
Order your Kalgin Island King Salmon
  • Fresh flash frozen, vacuum packed
Kalgin Island Alaska
King Salmon Fillets
$28.95 lb.
Also available as skinless fillets
Skinless Kalgin Island
King Salmon Fillets
$24.95 lb.
Bone - In - Skin On - big meaty steaks!!
Wild Alaska King Salmon Steaks
King Salmon Steaks

NEW ITEM!! These are big meaty steaks - sure to satisfy the biggest appetite. Bone-In adds that wonderful salmon flavor. Each steak is individually vacuum sealed, locking in all the freshness, flavor and omega3 oils. Just brush with olive oil and seasoning- perfect on the grill.

Order your Wild Alaska King Salmon Steaks
  • Fresh flash frozen, vacuum packed
Wild Alaska
King Salmon Steaks
$26.95 lb. Sorry, Temporarily Out Of Stock
King Salmon BurgerWild Alaska
King Salmon Burger

NEW ITEM!! We scrape the backbones of our wild king salmon and remove prime king salmon meat. This is 100% pure king salmon meat, loaded with Omega3 oils, vacuum packed in easy to use portions. Just add your favorite ingredients (egg, bread crumbs, capers,, shallots, seasonings, butter), form into patties and bon appetite'.

Ideal for salmon casseroles, salmon cakes , chowders etc...

Packed in "lump" form. This is not pre-formed patties.

Salmon Burger
Order your Alaska King Salmon Burger
  • Fresh flash frozen, vacuum packed
Wild Alaska
King Salmon Burger
$17.95 lb.

Alaska Seafood and salmon
Corrie from Montana wrote to us...

stars"I just received my first shipment of salmon burger and jerky from Great Alaska Seafood.

I am absolutely blown away at the quality of your product! I expected the salmon burger to be...well, ground up and burger-ee but it is like whole fish and radiates the highest quality. Your burger was the only salmon burger I could find without anything added. Thank you! This is so important to me as I have tons of food allergies (boo).

It's so important to me to eat high quality, fisherman direct fish. Yes, it costs more, but it's SO worth it. I thank you so much for providing a high quality, sustainable, wild caught product that I know takes a lot of hard work to get. You have no idea how important it is to myself and my family.

You have a customer for life! Now off to make some salmon burgers...

All the best from Montana and many, many thanks,

PS. thanks for the recipes! "

White King SalmonExtremely rare and highly sought after!
Premium Wild Troll-Caught White King Salmon
.Available only for a limited time. White kings are identical to other king salmon in appearance, however the flesh is pearly white and extremely flavorful. Extremely high in omega 3 oils, the flesh is very mild and very delicate... unlike any salmon you have ever had.

These fish are caught in Alaska and British Columbia.
Order your White King Salmon Fillets and Steaks
  • Fresh flash frozen, vacuum packed
Wild Alaska
White King Salmon Fillets
$29.95 lb.

White King Salmon BurgerWhite King Salmon Burger
Our salmon burger is in "lump" form; not pre-formed patties.

Wild Alaska
White King Salmon Burger
$17.95 lb.

troll caught king salmon

Premium Wild
Troll Caught Red King Salmon

Absolutely the very best quality Salmon available!
Our Premium Wild Troll Caught king Salmon are prized by chefs and sought after by discriminating gourmets because these fish receive special treatment from the first moment of the catch. These fish are caught in Alaska and British Columbia.

Alaska Troll King Salmon Caught one at a time, by hook and line, they are immediatly dressed, packed with ice, and carefully, individually chilled. Unlike other salmon that are net-caught in big numbers, these fish demand the full attention of the fishing vessel crew.

With nickel-bright skin and rich red meat, there is no better wild king salmon available unless you catch it yourself. High in heart-healthy Omega-3 Oils and huge in flavor. There is no substitute for quality. 
Order your Premium Troll-Caught King Salmon
  • Fresh flash frozen, vacuum packed
Premium Wild, Fillets
Troll Caught Red King Salmon
$29.95 lb.

new Wild Kalgin Island Red Salmon
Wild Kalgin Island Red Salmon

Red Sockeye Salmon /Kalgin Island Sockeyes are sought after for their unique flavor and bright red, extra firm texture. We select only #1 grade fish that are bled and iced immediately after being caught and then rushed to our plant.

Order your Alaska Red Sockeye Salmon
  • Fresh flash frozen, vacuum packed
Kalgin Island
Red Sockeye Salmon
$20.95 lb.
Save $20 on our 10 pound box!
The exact same salmon as above (at $20.95 a pound) but packed in 10 lb. boxes, and offered at a quanity-discounted price.
10 lb box Kalgin Island
Red Sockeye Salmon
Sockeye Salmon Steaks
Big, fat & prime - "As good as it gets!!
Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon Steaks

NEW ITEM!! Perfect for baking , frying or grilling - Our Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon Steaks are loaded with flavor and heart healthy Omega 3 Oils. Our local Cook Inlet Sockeye Salmon are caught at the "Very Peak" of their lifecycle. Each steak is the perfect size for a meal, running 6 - 10 ounces. The bone in adds tremendous flavor you will only get with Wild Sockeye Salmon. Processed the same day as catch - each steak is vacuum sealed.

Order your Alaska Sockeye Salmon Steaks
  • Fresh flash frozen, vacuum packed
Alaska Sockeye
Salmon Steaks
$18.95 lb.
Sockeye Salmon BurgerSockeye Salmon Burger
We make this from the meat along the backbones of the same Wild Sockeye used in our Sockeye fillets. 100% Alaska, 100% Wild.
Packed in "lump" form. This is not pre-formed patties.
Order your Alaska Sockeye Salmon Burger
  • Fresh flash frozen, vacuum packed
Alaska Sockeye Salmon Burger $14.95 lb.

Alaska Silver Salmon (Coho Salmon) Fillets grilled gourmet salmon from Alaska

Silver (Coho) Salmon Caught in the pristine waters of Cook Inlet, our Coho Salmon Fillets are processed same day of harvest. Considered by many to be a favorite for cedar plank cooking and B-B-QUES, featuring a bright orange flesh with a mild, succulent flavor. Come vacuum packed in single serving size portions.

Order your Alaska Silver Coho Salmon Fillets
  • Fresh flash frozen, vacuum packed
Alaska Coho
Salmon Fillets
$19.95 lb.

Coho Salmon Fillets Save $30 ! Free Shipping!
10 lb. Box of Wild Coho Salmon Fillets
Regular $199.95 Now $169.95

Bone - In - Skin On - Loaded With Flavor!!
Wild Alaska Coho Salmon Steaks
Coho Salmon  Steaks

NEW ITEM!! Wild Alaska Coho Salmon, harvested at their peak from the fridgid icy waters of Cook Inlet. We hand select only the finest fish of the catch and process these beauties the same day they are caught.
Salmon  SteaksPerfect for grilling, baking, frying or on the BBQ.

We cut these into single size portions & vacuum pack each steak individually. 6-12 ounces

Order your Alaska Silver Coho Salmon Steaks
  • Fresh flash frozen, vacuum packed
Alaska Coho
Salmon Steaks
$17.95 lb.
Sorry, Temporarily
Out of Stock

Cedar Plank SalmonCedar Plank Salmon
Cedar Plank Salmon is the art of roasting salmon on wood planks.

Native Americans in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest discovered this flavorful way of preparing salmon long before Columbus discovered America. Over the centuries this form of cooking has been perfected, and today world-renown chefs and fine restaurants feature Cedar Plank Salmon to the delight of their customers.

cedar plank salmonThe secret to this wonderful art of seafood cooking is in the Salmon Rub, which consists of all natural ingredients. Alaska Tim's Wild Salmon Rub is a recipe that has been in the family for years, and now is available to enhance the flavors of all seafood.

salmon fillets This Wild Alaska Gift Selection includes:
  • 2 lbs of Wild Sockeye Salmon Fillets
  • 2 Cedar planks
  • Alaska Tim's Wild Salmon Rub
  • Cooking Instructions
$79.95 Includes

Cedar Grilling/Roasting PlanksCedar Grilling/Roasting Planks
Planks can be ordered alone, or with a 2-oz. packet of Alaska Tim's Wild Salmon Rub and Cooking Instructions
Cedar Planks $4.95 ea.
2 Cedar Planks,
Alaska Tim's Rub,
Cooking Instructions
$15.95 ea.
seafood recipes Cedar Plank Salmon Recipes
with Cooking Instructions
From our pure, clear waters!!
The Sockeye Salmon
Gift of Good Health Giftbox

Sockeye Salmon

Gift Selection Give the Gift of Good Health. This Special Giftbox contains FIVE Full Pounds of Premium Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon Fillets - Loaded with heart healthy Omega3 Oils. (A THREE pound box is also available for smaller appetites.

Priced at only $82.95 and $109.95!
Includes Free FedEx Shipping!!
Order your Sockeye Salmon Gift of Good Health
  • Fresh flash frozen, vacuum packed
5 lbs
Sockeye Salmon Fillets Giftbox
ALSO AVAILABLE (For smaller appetites!)
3 lbs
Sockeye Salmon Fillets Giftbox

Our Salmon, fresh from the ocean, has a natural bright color -
no artificial colors, no salmon food additives- nature fed!
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100% Wild Seafood Market
No farmed fish, ever. .

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vacuum packed, flash frozen

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Our customers write...
I just had to write and rave about the Kalgin Island Kings I ordered! The fish is AWESOME...and the salmon rub really sets it off. I will definitely order from you again... even if I have to pay extra to have it flown to St. Paul. I'm just trying to figure out what I want next! Your seafood is top quality!
       Dennis Merideth

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Alaska Sauce for Alaska Salmon!

Lemon Caper Salmon Sauce
Lemon Caper Salmon Sauce
This Piccata sauce is everything you need in a bottle and is great with salmon. Good with almost any light or hearty fish! Great for baking or sautéing, the capers and lemon oil make this sauce an easy entr?e.
12 fl. oz.
Lemon Caper Salmon Sauce


Bearinade Teriyaki Sweet Basil Sauce
A new spin on traditional teriyaki. Instead of ginger this sauce has sweet basil giving it a Thai twist. Great for marinating chicken, salmon and other meats.
14.5 oz.
Bearinade Teriyaki Sweet Basil Sauce