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Copper River King Salmon
Incomparable Copper River Salmon holiday decoration

A rare treat for a limited time. One of the most flavorful of all wild Alaska salmon. Rich in heart-healthy Omega 3's and decadent flavor. Our stringent standards provide you with hand-selected fish of the highest quality.

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White King Salmon
Premium Wild Troll-Caught White King Salmon holiday decoration

Sushi-grade, premium wild white king salmon fillets. Identical to red king salmon in appearance, except the flesh is pearly white and softer than the more common red kings. The taste is buttery and silky. Available only for a limited time. 8-16 ounce portions.

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Troll-Caught Red King Salmon
Sushi-Grade Troll-Caught Red King Salmon Fillets holiday decoration

Caught one at a time, by hook and line, these fish demand the full attention of the fishing vessel crew. There is no better wild king salmon available unless you catch it yourself. These fish are caught in Alaska and British Columbia. 8-16 ounce portions.

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bellSalmon Fillet Cuts
King Salmon Trio Special Offer
Premium King Salmon Trio Special Offer lantern

Save $46 on nine pounds of our best Alaska King Salmon. 3 lbs. each of Kalgin Island King, Troll-caught Red King Salmon, and Troll-caught White King Salmon. 8-16 ounce portions. Only: $219.95. Includes FREE overnight shipping.

$219.95/9 lbs.
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Wild Salmon Trio Special Offer
Kalgin Island Salmon Trio Special Offer holly

Save $25 on nine pounds of Wild Alaska Salmon. 3 lbs. each of Kalgin Island King, Kalgin Island sockeye, and coho (silver) salmon. 8-16 ounce portions. Only: $179.95. Includes FREE overnight shipping.

$179.95/9 lbs.
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Kalgin Island King Salmon
Kalgin Island King Salmon holiday decoration

Our king salmon is 100% WILD, which is even better than organic. With a flavor second to none, loaded with healthy Omega-3 oils, these wild Alaska kings are a rare gourmet prize.

Available as both skinless and skin-on portions.

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Kalgin Island Sockeye Fillets
Kalgin Island Sockeye (Red) Salmon holiday decoration

The Alaskan sockeye is a joy to cook and delectable to eat. These No. 1 grade fish are bled and iced immediately after being caught and then rushed to our plant. We carve them into 8-16 ounce portions. We also offer a variety of bulk pack choices, click the green 'Read More/Order' button.

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Coho Salmon
Cook Inlet Coho Salmon Fillets holiday decoration

Expert chefs say coho is the best salmon for cedar-plank cooking and grilling. Caught in the pristine waters of Cook Inlet, these 100% wild, pure salmon have a bright orange flesh, firm texture and delicate flavor. 8-16 ounce portions.

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bellsSalmon Steaks
White King Salmon Steaks
Troll-Caught White King Salmon Steaks holiday decoration

The same white salmon we use in our fillets, with its buttery and silky flavors, trimmed in a steak cut. 8-16 ounce portions.

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Salmon Steaks
Troll-Caught Red King Salmon Steaks holiday decoration

Troll-caught are the finest salmon you can buy. High in heart-healthy Omega-3 Oils and huge in flavor. 8-16 ounce portions.

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Sockeye Salmon Steaks
Kalgin Island Sockeye Salmon Steaks holiday decoration

Each steak is the perfect size for a meal, running 6 - 10 ounces. The bone-in adds tremendous flavor you will only get with wild sockeye salmon.

Out of Stock
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Sockeye Salmon Steaks
Cook Inlet Coho Salmon Steaks holiday decoration

We hand select only the finest fish of the catch and process these beauties the same day they are caught. Perfect for grilling on the BBQ.

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bellsSalmon Burger
Salmon Burger
Wild Salmon Burger bows

This is prime salmon meat we harvest from along the backbones. Salmon burger is loose meat; not pre-formed patties. 100% pure meat; no fillers or additives.

Available in three varieties: white king salmon, red king salmon, and sockeye salmon.

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candleCedar Plank Salmon
Cedar Plank Salmon
Tim's Cedar Plank Salmon Kit holiday decoration

Native Americans in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest discovered this flavorful way of preparing salmon long before Columbus discovered America. Includes two pounds of wild sockeye salmon fillets, two cedar planks, Alaska Tim's Wild Salmon Rub and cooking instructions.

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Cedar Plank Salmon
Cedar Planks holiday decoration

Planks can be ordered alone, or with a 2-oz. packet of Alaska Tim's Wild Salmon Rub and Cooking Instructions

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bowsAdditional Selections
Coho Salmon Tail Roasts
Coho Salmon Tail Roasts holiday decoration

These are an outstanding value, and perfect for baking or roasting. Each roast will weigh 1 - 1.5 lb., and is vacuum packed. Cut from our troll-caught wild coho salmon.

Out of Stock
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Salmon Headss
Sockeye Salmon Heads holiday decoration

Packed with extra-tender meat and an abundance of fat along the jawbones, these are prized by chefs for stock and soups. Salmon heads contain extra-high levels of vitamin A, Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, zinc and calcium.

$9.95/3 heads
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Salmon Roe
Sockeye Salmon Roe holiday decoration

These jewel-like, glistening orange balls of salty goodness are the eggs, or roe of salmon. They're delicious, sustainable, and economical. An entire sac of roe is called a skein. How about salmon roe for sushi? You make it by separating the individual roes and soaking them in soy sauce and Japanese rice wine (sake).

Our sockeye roe is flash-frozen, vacuum sealed, and sold by the pound.

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