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Sauces and Spices
Unique Alaskan Gourmet Seasonings!

These Sauces and Spices are hand-crafted in small batches from old family recipes.

Seafood Seasonings & Spices
Blackened Halibut Seasoning
Blackened Halibut Seasoning

Blackened fish became the craze in the 1980's and this rub was developed especially for Alaskan Halibut.

5.25 oz shaker jar. Shipped USPS. read more

  • Blackened Halibut Seasoning
    $10.95/5.25 oz. Product ref #34
Poke Mix
Hawaiian Poke Seasoning Mix

Authentic poké flavor, complete with Hawaiian Ogo straight from Hawaii. Make Delicious Tuna, Octopus or Salmon Poke' In Minutes.

.4 oz packet. Minimum order: 6 packets. Shipped USPS. read more

  • Hawaiian Poke Mix
    $6.95/.4 oz.
Alaska Tim's Gourmet Spice Collection
Alaska Tim's Gourmet Spice Collection

Made right here in Alaska from Alaska Tim's old family recipes.

8 oz. shaker jars. Shipped USPS.

Available in three flavors. See them all. read more
Gorilla Garlic Hot Salt
Gorilla Garlic Hot Salt

The world's best all around seasoning! Loaded with flavor and a little kick.

14 oz. shaker jar. Shipped USPS. read more

  • Gorilla Garlic Hot Salt
    $16.95/14 oz. Out of Stock Product ref #36
Seafood Sauces
Susitna Cocktail Sauce
Susitna Seafood Cocktail Sauce

A delicious and tangy condiment for shrimp, crab, scallops, calamari, or as a zesty dip for most any other seafood appetizer or entree.

11 oz. bottle. Shipped USPS.  read more

  • Susitna Seafood Cocktail Sauce
    $12.95/11 oz. Product ref # 4437
Lemon Caper Salmon Sauce
Lemon Caper Salmon Sauce

This Piccata sauce is everything you need in a bottle and is great with salmon. Of course, this sauce is good with almost any light or hearty fish! Great for baking or sautéing, the capers and lemon oil make this sauce an easy entrèe.

12 fl. oz. bottle, Shipped USPS. read more

  • Lemon Caper Salmon Sauce
    $15.95/12 fl. oz. Product ref #4436
White Truffle Oil
White Truffle Oil

D'Artagnan's white truffle oil is made with pure, first-pressed French olive oil and Italian white truffle essence for an intense aroma with notes of garlic.

8 ounce bottle, $31.95. Shipped USPS. read more

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