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Sweet Shrimp Special Offer, Save!!

10 lbs of Super Sweet Pink Shrimp. 16 - 20 per pound. Limited time.

Sweet Shrimp
Sweet Shrimp

Wild Shrimp Trio Save on 10 lbs.Big, delicate and super sweet!! Just harvested from the clear waters of the South Pacific. They come shell-on and deveined. Pink in color when harvested, sweet shrimp make great jumbo shrimp cocktails, perfect entrées and are incredible by themselves with warm butter - enjoy!!

Packed in one-pound bags. These are the same shrimp as those we sell by the pound.

10 lbs. for $199.50
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  • Sweet Shrimp Special
  • 10lb. Box 16 - 20 count
    Not pre-cooked.
    Save $60
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