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New items in our seafood market
New Items in our Alaska Seafood Shop

Just in! Top-shelf, hard-to-find delicacies from Alaska and around the world!

Wagyu Prime Beef Steaks
Wagyu Prime Beef Steaks

Our Premium Australian Wagyu is the most awarded grain fed wagyu beef in Australia.

Whatever cut you choose --the Filet Mignon, Ribeye or New York Steaks-- you simply can't go wrong. Whether you're a steak connoisseur or just trying to find something for a special occasion our steaks will impress.    read more

  • 8-10 bms
    Wagyu New York Strips - (2) 20 oz Steaks
  • 6-7 bms
    Wagyu Ribeye Steaks - (2) 20 oz Steaks
  • 4-7 bms
    Wagyu Filet Mignon Steaks - (4) 6 oz Steaks
  • Surf n' Turf
    5 lbs. of Colossal King Crab Legs plus Two 20-ounce Wagyu New York Steaks
    $499.50 Product ref # 200
Ikura Wild Sockeye Salmon Caviar
Ikura Wild Salmon Caviar

From local Alaska Wild Salmon harvested in the icy waters of Cook Inlet. All of our Ikura is made right here in Soldotna, Alaska by our Japanese Ikura experts, using a lower salt content brine which produces a milder flavor.

We ship this product frozen. Jars are 2 ounces of caviar.  read more

  • Chum Salmon Caviar
    Best Buy
    Ikura Chum 2.2 lb. Tub
    Product ref # 20066
    Best Value, Free Shipping
    12 Jars $239.95
    Product ref # 444333
    Ikura Chum 3 Jars
    Product ref # 44332211
    Ikura Chum 2 Jars
    Product ref # 443322
    Ikura Chum 1 Jar
    Product ref # 4433
  • Pink Salmon Caviar
    Ikura Pink 3 Jars
    Product ref # 228833
    Ikura Pink 2 Jars
    Product ref # 228822
    Ikura Pink 1 Jar
    Product ref # 2288
  • Sockeye Salmon Caviar
    Best Buy
    Ikura Sockeye 2.2 lb. Tub
    Product ref # 2005
    Save almost $100.Best Value, Free Shipping
    12 Jars $199.95
    Product ref # 2007
    Ikura Sockeye 3 Jars
    Product ref # 200233
    Ikura Sockeye 2 Jars
    Ikura Sockeye 1 Jar
  • Coho Salmon Caviar
    Best Buy
    Ikura Coho 2.2 lb. Tub
    Product ref # 2004
    Save almost $100.Best Value, Free Shipping
    12 Jars $199.95
    Product ref # 2008
    Ikura Coho 3 Jars
    Product ref # 200333
    Ikura Coho 2 Jars
    Product ref # 200322
    Ikura Coho 1 Jar
    Product ref # 2003
  • King Salmon Caviar
Yellowfin Tuna
Yellowfin Tuna

We take the highest grade Wild Ahi Tuna and cut the loin into 10-14 ounce blocks.

Boneless and skinless with the blood line removed. 100% ready to go just thaw, slice and serve.

*Blocks are 10 to 14 ounces. Saku blocks are cut based on dimensions, not weight. This is preferred by Japanese chef's in sashimi tuna preparations as they base their servings on the number of slices they serve. read more

  • Saku Block
    $29.95 per block. Product ref # 140
Otoro Bluefin Tuna
Otoro Bluefin Tuna

Australian Bluefin Tuna - Otoro Saku Block is the creme de le creme of Sashimi. Otoro is the belly cut of the Bluefin Tuna and is considered by many as the best cut of sashimi in the world. The Otoro has a creamy flavor and velvety finish.

Limited Supply - Call to Order. (866) 262-8846

*Blocks will range in weight from 8 - 18 oz per more

  • 8-18 ounce
    Otoro Bluefin Tuna
    $29.95 lb. Product ref # 1414 Call to ordder
    (866) 262-8846
Wild Alaska Octopus
Wild Alaska Octopus

We catch this wonderful treat in the deep icy cold waters of Alaska in large pots.

Our wild Octopus is processed and portioned into #2 lb. vacuum sealed bags right here in Soldotna. These are large, weighing from 10 to 25 lbs. Each bag varies and may contain tentacles, arm and body meat. Simply delicious and a great source of protein. Truly a gourmets treat when prepared more

Abalone Steaks
Abalone Steaks
Wild Pacific Abalone Steaks

Wild Pacific Green -Lip Abalone is Harvested in North America. Un-cooked, tenderized and ready to thaw and prepare. Steaks are 3 ounces more

  • Abalone Steaks
  • Best Buy
    3 lbs
Whole Smoked Salmon Side Fillets
Salmon Doggy Treats
Salmon Doggy & Cat Treats

new item Ideal for dogs and cats of all sizes and ages. Alaska Wild Treats come the way nature intended, no chemicals, grains, fillers, additives, artificial coloring or preservatives. read more

Made with 100% Wild Alaskan Salmon.

  • 4oz pkg
    $9.95 Product ref # 11000
  • 4oz Shaker Bottle
    $6.99 Product ref # 12005
  • 8 pack case
    Free Shipping!
  • Buy More & Save - Case Pricing
    12 4-ounce bags
    Free Shipping

    Product ref # 12000
Tanner Crab Sections
Tanner Crab Sections

Tanner Crab is the very sweetest of all the Snow Crab species; characterized by a sweet, rich, succulent flavor. Comes fully cooked and ready to eat. Each package will contain 1 Lb. of body meat. Limited Supply!read more

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Skinning Salmon For Cooking
Chef Mark Parmely and Tim are preparing to make Cerdar Plank Salmon on the grill.
Cooking Planked Wild Salmon on the grill.
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Perfect King Crab Legs!
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