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Smoked Black Cod (Sable Fish)

This treat is firmer and slightly smokier than smoked salmon.

Smoked Black Cod (Sable Fish)
Smoked Black Cod (Sable Fish)

Sablefish live deep in Alaska's icy, pristine waters, where they build more fat than most fish. The fat is the secret to the velvety, rich flavor and provides many more omega-3's than any other white fish.

One gourmet chef, quoted in the New York Times, said about smoked sable, "I love it because of it's very high fat content. It bubbles and melts in your mouth."

Smoked Sablefish has been a favorite in delicatessens across the country for many years. It's usually called "Smoked Sable".

Available as both cherry wood smoked fillets and strips.

**Approx. 2 to 4 fillets per pound, depending on species.**
  • Cherry Wood Smoked Black Cod (Sable Fish) Portions
  • Fresh flash frozen, vacuum packed.
    $39.95 lb.
    Product ref # 323
  • Smoked Black Cod Belly Strips
  • Fresh flash frozen, vacuum packed.
    $19.95 lb.
    Product ref # 324


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