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New York Cut Strip Steaks

  • uncooked Australian Wagyu New York Cut
    uncooked Australian Wagyu New York Cut

    Australian Wagyu*

    20 ounce New York steak. $59.95 Product ref#2992
    Best Buy, PLUS FREE shipping!
    Purchase an 8-pack and save. Free Shipping. $399.50
    Product ref#2992-b-b

    This New York Cut is our Best Value selection.

    With an exceptionally high 8-10 Beef Marbling Score, the tenderness, juiciness and quality of each bite will keep a lasting impression.

  • uncooked Australian Angus New York Strip Steak
    uncooked Australian Angus New York Strip Steak

    Australian Angus

    10oz. Australian Angus New York Strips (Baseball Cut). $19.95
    Product ref#12922
    Best Buy, PLUS FREE shipping!
    Angus NY Strip Baseball Cut 16 pack. $349.50
    Product ref#12922-b-b

    From Angus Beef raised on the same feeding program as our famous Wagyu beef. These steaks have a taste similiar to Wagyu Beef, but don't have the intense marbling of Wagyu. These "baseball cut" steaks are thick, ranging from 1 1/2" - 2" thick steaks.

*What makes Wagyu Steaks better than all the rest?

Premium Australian Wagyu cattle are all HGP (Hormone Growth Promotant) Free. Expert Japanese nutritionists designed a high-energy diet with barley and wheat to further digestibility of this prime beef. No "yellow grains" (corn) are used in the feeding process.

All cattle are "finished" on a minimum of 400 days of white grain (Australian barley and wheat, and absolutely no corn). This encourages a slower growth, so each animal has a strong bone structure which supports their body mass. This high-quality feeding practice is the secret to more evenly distributed marbling, which gives the meat it's exceptional taste.

In sample tastes, we hear "it's the best steak I ever ate" time and again.

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