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Alaskan Red King Crab

100% Wild Alaska King Crab - Probably the largest you've ever seen.

Red King Crab
Red King Crab

Alaskan Red King CrabOur crab boat was awarded the contract to fish an area that has been closed to King Crab fishing for 25 years, and the results are impressive! Great Alaska Seafood provides our customers with the finest grade crab caught in Alaska, with a very high ratio of meat in each leg! Don't miss out on having a meal you or your guests will never forget!

If you are looking for something with decadent flavor and savory taste for that very special occasion, look no further. Nothing is more impressive than our Alaska Red King Crab Legs. Caught during the winter months in the frigid and pristine waters of Dutch Harbor, Alaska, the quality of our King Crab is incomparable. We have not seen crab like this in two decades.

Crabapalooza offer features 10 lbs of Colossal size Crab legs. Most legs will weigh 3/4 to a full pound each.

**TIP** When planning for your memorable occasion, we highly recommend between 1-2 pounds per person. If you have hearty King Crab lovers, if your guest list grows unexpectedly, or if King Crab is your focal point in your meal, you certainly do not want to be short!

***King Crab boxes MAY contain 1 to 3 claws, unless specified.***
  • Alaskan Red King Crab
  • Super Colossal King Crab Legs®
  • Each leg weighs between .90 and 1.25 lbs.!
    3 lb minimum order. Pre-cooked
    $73.95 lb.
    Product ref #203
  • Colossal King Crab Legs®
  • 2/3 to just under a full pound each!
    3 lb minimum order. Pre-cooked
    $67.95 lb.
    Product ref #103
  • Captain'S Select King Crab
  • Each leg will weigh between 1/2 - 2/3 pound.
    3 lb minimum order. Pre-cooked
    $55.95 lb.
    Product ref #108
  • Giant King Crab
  • These legs will average 1/3-1/2 pound per leg.
    3 lb minimum order. Pre-cooked
    $49.95 lb.
    Product ref #101


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