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New items in our seafood market
New Items in our Alaska Seafood Shop

Just off the boats! Delicious and hard-to-find Alaskan seafood delicacies!

Seafood Cubes
Seafood Cubes (Chunks)

Many of our wonderful and loyal customers have requested our 100% Wild Alaska fish that is pan ready. We listened, and created cube chunks in three varieties: Halibut, Ling Cod and Alaska True Cod.

We remove the skin, the bones and cut these Alaskan beauties into bite size chunks. All the prep work of removing the waste has been done for you... enjoy!

  • Ling Cod Cubes $17.95/lb
  • Out of Stock
    Ling Cod Cubes $19.95/lb
  • True Cod Cubes $12.95/lb
Ling Cod Cubes
Halibut Cubes
Out of Stock
True Cod Cubes
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Wild Alaska Octopus
Wild Alaska Octopus

We catch this wonderful treat in the deep icy cold waters of Alaska in large pots.

Our wild Octopus is processed and portioned into #2 lb. vacuum sealed bags right here in Soldotna. These are large, weighing from 10 to 25 lbs. Each bag varies and may contain tentacles, arm and body meat. Simply delicious and a great source of protein. Truly a gourmets treat when prepared properly.

$23.90/ 2 lb. bag
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Smoked Scallops
Smoked Scallops

Moist, sweet, plump cherrywood smoked Scallops are fully cooked and ready to eat directly out of the packaging.

75-85 Scallops per package.
2 packages per pound.

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Lox 'Tid Bits'
Lox 'Tid Bits'

We usually save this tasty 'tid bits" for ourselves, but are offering them for a limited time for you to enjoy. Thinly sliced and ready-to-eat.

$19.95/ half-pound
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Abalone Steaks
Abalone Steaks

This Green-Lip Abalone is the only wild abalone in North America. Un-cooked, tenderized and ready to thaw and prepare. Steaks are 3 ounces each.

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Calamari Steaks
Calamari Steaks

Harvested in the warm southern Pacific Ocean. Mildly sweet, with a subtle ocean-like flavor. Un-cooked.

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Geoduck Clams

Caught right here in Alaska! Considered the best clam in the world.

One-pound packs, un-cooked.

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Scarlet Snapper
Wild-caught Scarlet Snapper

One of the best tasting white fish you'll ever have..

Naturally firm, flaky texture with a sweet, mild flavor. From ceviche to a simple pan-fry, scarlet snapper adapts well to a wide range of cooking methods.

8 oz. fillets, boneless, skin-on. Fresh flash frozen, vacuum packed.

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Yellowfin Tuna
Saku Block Sashimi-Ready Yellowfin Tuna

We take the highest grade Wild Ahi Tuna and cut the loin into 10-14 ounce blocks.

Boneless and skinless with the blood line removed. 100% ready to go just thaw, slice and serve.

*Blocks are 10 to 14 ounces. Saku blocks are cut based on dimensions, not weight. This is preferred by Japanese chef's in sashimi tuna preparations as they base their servings on the number of slices they serve.

$24.95 per block.
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