Thawing, preparing and cooking 100% wild Alaska Halibut

Shimp, Prawns, and Scallops

Favorite Alaska Shellfish Recipes


Appetizers and Salads

1. Alaska Shrimp Soup
Takes about 10 minutes to good shrimp soup.

2. Almond Fried Shrimp Appetizers
An outstanding appetizer: shrimp and almonds.

3. Low Fat Shrimp Summer Salad
Shrimp, Green Beans, Rice...mmmmm! Add chopped fresh tomatoes for a real summer taste!

4. Shrimp Avocado Remoulade
A great lunch on a hot summer day.

5. Bacon Wrapped Shrimp
This makes a nice party appetizer or late night snack.


1. Aunt Betty's Shrimp New Orleans
An extremly good New Orleans style shrimp, and also low-salt for your health's sake.

How to thaw frozen Shellfish

Method 1: Place your vacuum sealed shrimp or scallops in a tub and add cool water. Periodically change the water when it gets too cold. This thawing process should take about 30 minutes depending on how frozen your fish is.

Method 2: Remove your shrimp or scallops from the freezer the night before you want to prepare it. Unwrap fish from plastic vacuum sealed pouch. Place fish on plate with saran wrap over it, then place the fish in the refrigerator. It should be ready to cook by the next evening.

2. Marinated Prawns Recipe
The secret is marinading these beauties at least 12 hours.

3. Shrimp Lemon Pasta Alfonso
Poached in garlic broth, tossed with angel hair pasta and a touch of lemon.

4. Alaska Spot Prawn Boil
This is messy. Use your fingers and have fun!

5. Orleans Cajun Style Shrimp
(prawns or scallops could be sustituted for shrimp)

6. Grilled Shrimp Kabobs
In a tasty soy sauce marinade.


1. Scallops Braised with Grapefruit & Walnuts
The sharp taste of grapfruit and the richness of walnuts, complementing delicious scallops.

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