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Pure Waters, Pure Fish
Good News: Contaminants Very Low in Alaska Fish
Thousands of miles away from large sources of pollution that contaminate the human food supply in other parts of the world, Alaska's own waters are among the cleanest in the world...
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Alaska Salmon FAQ's
What you need to know to be an educated salmon shopper
The truth about wild vs. farm-raised salmon; along with preparation and storage recommendations.
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Watch Out For Counterfeit Salmon
Consumer Reports says many fish sold as `wild' are farmed
Of 23 "wild" salmon filets from chain supermarkets, small fish stores and wholesalers, only 10 were geunuine wild salmon.
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New York Times: Salmon Counterfeiting Growing
Stores Say Wild Salmon, but Tests Say Farm Bred
Tests performed for The New York Times in March on salmon sold as wild by eight New York City stores, going for as much as $29 a pound, showed that the fish at six of the eight were farm raised.
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Our Favorite King Crab Recipe
Carol (Alaska Tim's wife) shares a family secret recipe
Carol shows how to make one of the world's most incredible seafood items even more spectacular!! Bon Appétite!!
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