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Alaska Weathervane Scallops

Alaska Weathervane Scallops are world renowned as the best and most delicious scallop available on the market!

Alaska Weathervane Scallops  

Alaska Weathervane ScallopsSucculent in sweetness and unforgettable melt-in-your-mouth flavor, these tender buttery morsels will make any dish elegant and unique.

Sauté and add to your favorite pasta dish, broil or grill to make an impressive appetizer or scrumptious main entrée! 100% pure, natural, and always free of artificial treatments or additives.

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  • Weathervane Scallops
  • Best Value
    $379.60 10 lb. box
    Product ref # 20005
    FREE Shipping!
  • Single 1.25 lb. bag
    10-20 scallops
    Product ref # 20003
  • Single 1.25 lb. bag
    U10 Large scallops
    Product ref # 20006


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