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100% Wild Sea Scallops

You won't find these in your neighborhood supermarket! Available in two sizes!

Super Colossal Sea Scallops  

Dry Boat ScallopsThe very finest scallops available, bar none.

With their taste from the sea flavor, scallops are heavenly morsels of sweet and salty flavor paired with a meaty melt in your mouth texture.

"Dry" is an industry term that indicates the scallop is natural and has not been altered or treated in any sodium solutions or added moisture. The healthiest and best tasting scallop is a dry scallop!

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  • SAVE on Dry Scallops
  • 10 lbs 8-12 ct. 8 to 12 per pound
  • Un-cooked
  • "Dry Boat" - no moisture added Scallops
  • Super Colossal: 8 to 12 per pound
  • Un-cooked
    $33.95 lb.
  • Colossal: 10 to 20 per pound
  • Un-cooked
    $29.95 lb.
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