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Super Colossal Sea Scallops

You won't find these in your neighborhood supermarket! Only 8 to 12 per pound!

Super Colossal Sea Scallops  

Dry Boat ScallopsThe very largest scallops available, bar none.

Our "Dry Boat" scallops have no moisture added, they are 100% dry. The Premium Scallops variety are 95% Dry, which means less than 5% moisture has been added.

Available as "Dry Boat" and "Premium Scallops - 95% Dry".

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  • SAVE on Dry Scallops
  • 10 lbs 8-12 ct. 8 to 12 per pound
  • Un-cooked
    $319.95 lb.
  • "Dry Boat" - no moisture added Scallops
  • Super Colossal: 8 to 12 per pound
  • Un-cooked
    $33.95 lb.
  • Colossal: 10 to 20 per pound
  • Un-cooked
    $29.95 lb.
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