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Sweet Shrimp Special Offer, Save $60

10 lbs of Super Sweet Pink Shrimp. 16 - 20 per pound. Limited time.

Sweet Shrimp
Sweet Shrimp

Save $60! Only: $199.50. 10 lbs of Super Sweet Pink Shrimp. 16 - 20 per pound. Includes FREE overnight shipping.

Wild Shrimp Trio Save on 10 lbs.Big, delicate and super sweet!! Just harvested from the clear waters of the South Pacific. They come shell-on and deveined. Pink in color when harvested, sweet shrimp make great jumbo shrimp cocktails, perfect entrées and are incredible by themselves with warm butter - enjoy!!

Packed in one-pound bags. These are the same shrimp as those we sell by the pound.

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  • Sweet Shrimp Special
  • 10lb. Box 16 - 20 count
    Not pre-cooked.
  • Save $60
    Free FedEx Shipping.


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