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7 lbs. of Wild Alaska Halibut!

Great price plus free shipping. Our "Just For The Halibut" special offer.

Wild Alaska Halibut special offer
Wild Alaska Halibut special offer
Wild Alaska Halibut

Halibut in two chef-cuts: Skin-On Fillets and Gourmet Cheeks, a treat from the sweetest part of the halibut.

$239.95 Product ref # 146

With its firm, flaky texture and mild, slightly sweet flavor, Alaska Halibut is known as the "steak of seafood". Naturally lean, it's a good source of potassium and magnesium. Low in overall calories, fat and sodium. Great for grilling or roasting, Alaska Halibut is equally delicious in preparations ranging from simple sandwiches and soups to elegant main dishes.

Cheeks will be in one pound bags. Packaging will vary between vacuum sealed packages and loosely packed, due to the process of Individually Quick Freezing (IQF). Both methods will preserve the quality and freshness in your freezer.

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  • "Just For The Halibut" special offer
  • Seven lbs. of Fillets and Gourmet Cheeks
  • Best Buy
    This special offer includes:
    • 5 lbs. Skin-On Fillets
    • 2 lbs. of Halibut Cheeks
    Fresh flash frozen, vacuum packed.
    Product ref # 146


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