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  • Wagyu Steaks dinner
  • Wagyu Steaks dinner
  • Wagyu Steaks dinner
  • Wagyu Steaks dinner
From Alaska and Around-The-World to Your Table
From Alaska and Around-The-World to Your Table
  • Alaska King Crab Legs
  • wild Alaska Salmon
  • Jumbo Sweet Shrimp and Shellfish
  • Wagyu Steaks dinner

  • Product ref # 603
    Fully Shelled Lobster Meat
    Lobster Meat on Bread RollLobster Meat on Bread RollPremium grade claw and knuckle meat. Ready to use. For bisque, salads and Rolls.
    2 Lb. Vacuum Packed Bag, $119.95
    Product ref # 603
  • Product ref #2049
    Super Colossal
    King Crab Legs®
    Super Colossal King CrabSuper Colossal King Crab
    Largest Red King Crab. 10# Box
    Save $40
    10 lbs. of Super Colossal King Crab Legs®, .9-1.25 lbs, each. $859.50
    Product ref #2049
  • Product ref # 402-B-B
    Amazing size and flavor
    Fresh Water Mega Prawns®
    Mega PrawnsMega Prawns
    4-6 per lb. Save $50 on 8 lbs. Vein-removed
    8 lbs of Mega Prawns® - $269.60
    Product ref # 402-B-B
  • Product ref # 145
    Skinless & Boneless
    8 lbs. Halibut Petite Fillets
    Halibut Petite FilletsHalibut Petite FilletsJust right for a one person serving, 5-10 ounces each.
    8 lbs Petite Halibut Fillets- $319.60
  • Introducing!
    Great Steaks
    Great Steaks
    Australian Wagyu is the world's finest steak. New York Cut, Ribeyes and Fillet Mignon. Truly exceptional.
  • Product ref # 114
    They're back!
    Copper River King
    Copper RiverKing SalmonCopper RiverKing Salmon

    10 lbs, save $100. These rare salmon are available for a limited time. Order now, while they last.
    10 lbs Copper River King Salmon- $799.50
  • Product ref # 12888
    Rare Copper River
    Sockeye Fillets
    Copper River Sockeye Salmon

    Save over $40! Remarkably rich, fantastic flavor. *95% Bone-Free*.
    5 lbs Copper River Sockeye Salmon Fillets - $199.95
  • 10 lbs Colossal King Crab Legs®, 2/3 to just under a full pound each! - $699.50
  • Save Over $60
    Sweet Pink ShrimpSweet ShrimpSweet Shrimp
    10# box of a customer favorite. Super sweet, deveined and shell on.
    10 lbs Super Sweet Pink (12-15 Ct) - $279.50
  • Product ref # 30573057
    4 lb. Pack!
    Honey-Smoked Alaska CohoHoney-Smoked Alaska Coho Honey-Smoked Alaska Coho
    Our secret recipe. Melt in your mouth goodness! Award-winning recipe.
    4 lbs Honey Smoked Coho Portions - $139.95
  • Product ref # 20007
    Huge, 8-12 per lb!
    Super Colossal ScallopsColossal ScallopsColossal Scallops
    10lbs of the best-tasting scallop ever. All natural, no added moisture.
    10 lbs. Super Colossal Scallops (8-12 Ct) - $379.50
  • Product ref # 2007
    Save Almost $100!
    Ikura Salmon CaviarIkura Wild Salmon Caviar
    A dozen 2oz. jars.
    From local Alaska Wild Salmon harvested in our icy waters.
    Ikura COHO Salmon Caviar - 2oz Jar (12 Jars) - $199.95
  • Product ref #2865
    King Crab
    Merus Sections
    King Crab Merus Sections2 lb. Bags, 6-8 sections per bag. The Tenderloin of King Crab. Pre-cooked. Save over $40 on 4 lbs!
    4 lbs. King Crab Merus Cuts - $599.50
  • Product ref # 114
    All wild, never farmed.
    Sockeye Fillets
    Sockeye Fillets
    Famous for its rich flavor. Bone-Free fillets. 6-12 oz. portions.
    10 lbs. Wild Sockeye Fillets - $199.50
  • Product ref #143099
    Boneless and skinless,Yellowfin Ahi Tuna Steaks
    Yellowfin Ahi Tuna
    Boneless and skinless, 3 to 5 oz steaks. A Premium selection perfect for Sushi or searing.
    6 lb. Box Only - $199.95
  • Product ref # 401-B-B
    You'll love these!
    Big Black Tiger PrawnsBlack Tiger Prawns 8 lbs of 8 - 12 per pound, peeled, deveined. Ideal for sautéing and BBQ'ing.
    8 lbs. Bulk Box 8-12 ct Black Tiger Prawns - $219.50
  • Skinless portions
    Chilean Sea Bass
    Chilean Seabass

    Hand filleted from the perfect, smallest fish. Rich, luscious, and buttery.
    5 lbs Chilean Sea Bass - $259.50
  • Made from scratch.
    Handmade Crab Cakes
    Handmade Crab Cakes
    Easy to prepare. One dozen cakes per case. Made from scratch.No cheap fillers, 80% meat!
    12/case of 3oz cakes - $63.95
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    man eating crab legs
  • Select catch, premium.
    Troll-Caught Red King Salmon
    King Salmon Fillets All-wild sushi-grade quality King Salmon Fillets.
    10 lbs Troll-Caught Red King Salmon Fillets- $379.50
  • For dogs and catsSalmon Pet Treats
    Salmon Pet Treats
    All-wild Alaska Salmon for Man's Best Friend. Pure, no chemicals, grains, fillers or additives.

    Various sizes are available.

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Prepare the Perfect Alaskan Scallop
The secret to cooking perfectly carmelized, moist and flavorful Alaskan scallops.
How to Debone Wild Alaska Salmon.
It's easy to remove the bones from our wild Alaska Salmon fillets. And it takes only a minute or two.
Skinning Salmon For Cooking
Chef Mark Parmely and Tim are preparing to make Cerdar Plank Salmon on the grill.
Cooking Planked Wild Salmon on the grill.
The cedar planks are available from our store.
Perfect King Crab Legs!
Chef Mark guides you through making PERFECT Alaskan King Crab Legs.