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Tim's Cedar Plank Salmon Kit

Cedar Plank Salmon is the art of roasting salmon on wood planks, a native American cooking secret that's centuries old.

Cedar Plank Salmon
Cedar Plank Salmon

Cedar Plank Salmon on grill

For the grilling lover! A simple method used and perfected over time, this method of grilling salmon on a Cedar Plank is truly the most gourmet meal you can have at home. Don't be intimidated by trying something new. The Cedar plank creates a woodsy smoke flavor that is decadent and rich, combined with our owner, Alaska Tim's, personal salmon rub (included), and Alaska's Wild Salmon fillets, makes a memorable meal that will quickly become your favorite.

Each Gift Pack is different. The Family Size will include: Salmon fillets, salmon rub, cedar planks, and instructions. The Smaller Gift will only include: Salmon fillets, 1 cedar plank, and instructions.

Our Wild Salmon fillets are skin-on and 95% bone free. Fillets are approximately 6-12 ounces each, fresh flash frozen, vacuum packed.

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  • Family Size Cedar Kit
  • Regularly $229.50
    $189. 50
    Free FedEx Shipping.
    This special offer includes:
    • 8 lbs. Wild Kalgin Island Salmon® Coho Portions
    • 2 Cedar planks
    • 1 bottle Alaska Tim's Smoked Salmon Rub
    Product ref # 11622211
  • Tim's Cedar Plank Salmon Kit
  • $99. 95
    Free FedEx Shipping.
    This special offer includes:
    • 2 lbs of Wild Salmon Fillets
    • 1 Cedar planks
    • Cooking Instructions
    Product ref # 8833
  • 2 Cedar Planks
  • Rub and Cooking Instructions
    $15.95 pack
    Product ref # 772
  • Cedar Planks
  • 1 Cedar Plank
    $5.95 each
    Product ref # 771
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