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Bluefin Tuna Steaks from Australia

Australian Bluefin Tuna Steaks at an Introductory Low Price. 6 lbs, Just $199.95.

Bluefin Tuna  

Yellowfin Tuna Save Almost $50, and get Free Shipping on the 'creme de le creme' of Sashimi.

Size: Bluefin Chutoro Steaks weigh 3-5 ounces each. They are sold by the pound.

Limited supply, order today.

Best Buy
Bluefin Chutoro Steaks 6 lbs.$199.95
Product ref # 140143-b-b
Bluefin Chutoro Steaks 3-5oz/each $29.95 lb. Product ref # 140143
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A unique feature of this steak is that it contains two different cuts of bluefin: akami and otoro. The Akami portion is the reddish-purple meat, which tastes like Ahi, but is sweeter, with a slightly citrus finish.

The Otoro belly portion, which has a cream-white color, is renowned for being the most desirable sashimi cut in the world with a velvety texture and rich taste.

How to enjoy these superb steaks: Thaw, pat dry, and slice thinly for sashimi.

Since it is quick-frozen, our Australian Bluefin Tuna will have a creme color when it arrives at your home. Once thawed, however, the Bluefin will return to its natural color. A little blood speckling is normal.

Bluefin Chutoro is recognized as the Best Tuna in the World. We believe you will taste the difference.

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