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Yukon River Salmon is a world class delicacy now available in the U.S.
Yukon River Salmon have up to 34% Omega3 content

To sustain their incredible swim from the Bering Sea through 2,000 miles to the Yukon River, nature provides these heart healthy wonders with plenty of Omega3.

These mature wild king salmon are at the prime of their life cycle as they enter the Yukon River.


After an almost 30 year absence in the American market, the prized gourmet Yukon River Salmon a limited supply is now available.

The state of Alaska Department of Fish and Game only allows a few days with limited hours for fishing Yukon River Salmon.


Featured in The New York Times, page 2:

Alaska has the world's most bounteous wild salmon runs, from the Copper River sockeyes of late May to the bright, fleshy cohos, or silvers, of September. Yukon kings are caught by natives using nets and small skiffs.

Of the five species of Pacific salmon, kings are the largest and most prized. Pacific coast natives called them chinook or tyees, names which are also bestowed on great men or leaders. Some kings weigh as much as 100 pounds. Born in gravel-bed nests from central California to Alaska, the fish migrate downstream, spend one to four years in the open Pacific, and then return to their birth grounds to spawn and die. Once they re-enter fresh water, they no longer eat, relying on their stores of body fat and oil.

As for how to cook the fish, true wild salmon lovers prefer grilling with olive oil and sea salt, skin side first, and then a quick turn on the flesh side near the end. Mr. Yoshimura said he likes to poach his Yukon king in water with ginger, a sprinkling of dried onions, and seaweed or Japanese kelp. "Then you eat what's left over cold, for breakfast, or in a salad," he said. "And that's really good."

(For past decades, the Yukon River Salmon harvest has been sent to the Japanese market.)

From our cold Alaska waters
Dave, (above) our Quality Control Supervisor at Great-Alaska-Seafood's Peninsula PRocessing Plant is pleased after examining a batch of Alder Smoked Yukon King Salmon. We take great pride in all our smoked salmon products, and the smoked Yukon Kings are regarded as the very best money can buy. Yukon King Salmon are loaded with Omega3 oils... smoked salmon just doesn;t get any better than this!

Careful Handling is Key

Native fishermen catch these wild king salmon. The Yukon River salmon are immediatley put on ice and then flown to our Penninsula Processing Plant in Soldotna.

We carefully hand fillet each fish, vacuum seal and freeze each fillet.They are ready for boxing to ship to homes across the U.S.

We have made special arrangements to purchase a limited quantity of the uniquely flavorful Yukon River Salmon.

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From our cold Alaska waters

(left), Great-Alaska-Seafood's Peninsula Processing Plant foreman with a tote of Yukon King Salmon Fillets. These fillets are prepared the old-fashioned way, with a sharp knife wielded by a skilled filleter. This way each fish is inspected to insure quality -- they are hand-trimmed so you get only the very finest Yukon River Salmon possible.

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